Original paintings for sale

© Ellen Hegg. All rights reserved.

Oil and acrylic in different size



"Freedom" 80x100 cm 16.000 NOK

" In the light of love" 70x70 cm 8000 NOK

" What we know" 90x90 cm 12.000 NOK


Ellen Hegg is a Norwegian born artist based both in Norway and Spain.She has several years of education in fine arts.She has also many years experience of teaching visual art.The artist has had multiple solo exhibitions, and has as well participated in group exhibitions in several countries.


 Ellen Hegg,s philosophy and thoughts about her artistic practice is to in a sense let the painting " create it self".She works with the intuitive moving on to the final result through a sort of dialog between herself and the painting.The light that can be seen in her paintings usually appear along the way during her process, and she lets her subconscious work away.

Ellen Hegg is also striving to convey to us where we stand in relation to the vast universe that surrounds us.

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