Ellen Hegg is a Norwegian born artist based both in Norway and Spain.She has several years of education in fine arts.She has also many years experience of teaching visual art.The artist has had multiple solo exhibitions, and has as well participated in group exhibitions in several countries.


 Ellen Hegg,s philosophy and thoughts about her artistic practice is to in a sense let the painting " create it self".She works with the intuitive moving on to the final result through a sort of dialog between herself and the painting.The light that can be seen in her paintings usually appear along the way during her process, and she lets her subconscious work away.

Ellen Hegg is also striving to convey to us where we stand in relation to the vast universe that surrounds us.


Ellen Hegg is known for her drawings with her unique self developed technique, which involves coffee and ink.Her drawings is done on quality paper in both small and bigger formats, as well as canvases up to 2x2 meters 

Ellen Hegg also transforms the figures in the drawings into sculptures.

She has had multiple solo exhibitions, and has as well participated in group exhibitions in several countries.Among others; Louvre in Paris, Art Biennale in Palermo,Art Biennale in Barcelona.She has also been represented by InArte WerkKunst Gallery in Berlin, Mad Gallery in Milan and RIO Gallery in New York.

Her works are also represented in several gallery in Norway, which is her home country.

In addition to this,Ellen Hegg has recived awards for her works, in both in Milan, Berlin and New York.

The artist explains her coffee and ink drawings in this way:

"It starts in an intuitive way, where coffee and ink live a life of its own in the drying process, and creates different formations on the paper.I bring the figurative that occured forward by drawing it clearer on the paper.              Each drawing has its own saying, which I wish will touch the people who need it.There is also a little red heart that represents life. I only use natural products in my drawings, and my ultimate goal is that it will touch something personal and intimate in the viewer who is experiencing my drawings"

Paintin (oil)

Painti g ( acrylic)

Painting (oil)

Painting (acrylic)

Print of painting

Print of painting

Small drawings ( coffee& ink)

Drawing (coffee&ink)

Award in Milan

Exhibition in Palermo(drawing)

Award in Berlin

Exhibition in Louvre in Paris(drawing)



Prize in Berlin

Prize in Berlin





MEAM in Barcelona